Wizard's Spell

by Black Magic

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Recorded in 2010.


released January 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Black Magic Norway

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Track Name: Rite of the Wizard
Deadly rituals in the night
There stands the wizard
With gazing evil eyes
He falls to the ground
In burning sensation
His masterful sins unfold
In black magic creation

Thousand spells to the lands
Burst out from the fire
Power now in his hand
Feeding his desire

Rite of the wizard
Track Name: Thunder of the Undead
Raging its way through the mist of the night
A force which no one can explain
Evil not of this world comes to life
Things can never be the same
Obsessed by the horror
How can we escape
The sorcerer of souls
Soon there'll be nothing left in our brains
Demons are taking control

When a black flash of light
Fire arise and thunder roars over the land
And out of the dark comes the armies of death
Killing at the beasts command
With cold blades of steel damnation will seal
And when the sky has turned to red
Then you'll face your final punishment
Can you hear to thunder of the undead

A hole in the sky as the hammer of hell
Crush through the chains of beyond
Cursed by the evil the wizard possess
Sad wings are destent to fall
Flesh eating winds tornados of sin
How can we ever survive?
When taking our breath
Militia of death
And the power of hell comes to life!

When trapped on the soulside no saviour for you
Satan laughs as you eternally rot
Track Name: Death Militia
Roaring thunder from the skies
As day turns into night
A vast cloud of obscurity
Behold a crimson light
Plunging through the heavens
A storm of evil force
Dwellers of the underworld
Has come to kill you all

Coming from the sky
Death is all you see
When the end draws nigh
There's no escaping the
Death Militia

Defenders of the evil throne
The lords of deaths domain
As lightning strikes the silent earth
Terror rules again
Blades of steel carve through your flesh
Like a hammerblow from hell
And you enter eternal fire
Now you're inside his spell

Coming from the sky
Death is all you see
When the end draws nigh
There's no escaping the
Death Militia
Death Militia
Death Militia

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